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    Chandler faces!


For the wedding…

There is a fully licensed bar available throughout the night. Our bar will stop serving drinks at 11:00pm just so everyone knows.

No Mobile Phones During the Ceremony
We’re paying a ton of wonga for an ace photographer and so please¬†don’t try to take photographs during the ceremony, we’d love for you to simply sit back and enjoy our vows without digital distractions. Thanks for understanding ūüôā

After the hand-fasting ceremony is done please¬†do by all means feel free to take photos and videos, we’d love it if you could share them with us through Whatsapp.

As mentioned we do have a photographer with us on the evening and so we will happily take photos with anyone who wants to get an official photo between 5:30pm and 6:15pm.

Taxi’s home / to hotel¬†
For anyone planning on getting a taxi back to your hotel from the University after the Reception it can be a bit hard to get a cab late night on a Saturday and so we would advise booking them in advance through Hull Cars on 01482 828282.

A good place to tell the taxi to meet you is outside Middleton Hall at the University of Hull, this is a large venue located just inside the main entrance of the University Grounds.

Parking on-site at the University

If driving, it is good to know that Parking at the university on-site is free on the weekend and so you are welcome to park in any of the available spaces unless it is marked reserved.  It is a huge site and should be easy to find somewhere to park.

Also, there is a mini multi-storey car park on-site, it is not free to park there though and I think it is about £5.